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How the Magic Mirror Photo Booth Works

  • Guests choose from a wide selection of hats, glasses,signs, etc. or they can choose to go "Au Natural"*

  • They take their position as the Mirror attendant touch the start screen to start their session

  • Your guests see their reflection in the mirror (regardless of their height, so children can easily take photographs too!)

  • There is a countdown so the guests know when their image will be taken

  • Animations play to guide your guests through the entire process

  • After the photos are taken, guests can sign their name and add emojis, by using their finger to ‘draw’ on the mirror itself

  • The mirror now displays the final print with images, design and added signatures

  • The Mirror asks how many prints the guest would like

  • While printing your personalized photos guests can email their photo or share it to social media

The Magic MIrror Phot Booth 4x7 template print

* Unless the event is at a nudist colony, Guests must wear clothes :)   We're saying that they don't have to wear costumes :)

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